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Welcome to KANGSHUO BIOTECH CO., LIMITED! We are a privately owned company based in Doncaster, England, with a strong global presence in the field of biotechnology. Our mission is to offer high-quality products and services to our customers, providing them with a reliable and trustworthy source for their needs.

We specialize in supplying a wide range of products, including CBD based products, herbal extracts, SARMS, Nootropics, potency and libido products, and more. All of our products are certified and tested to ensure that our customers receive only the best quality products. Our production is based in China, but we have partners in the Netherlands and India, enabling us to source products from multiple locations and offer a variety of options to our customers.

At KANGSHUO BIOTECH CO., LIMITED, we take pride in our ability to ship products worldwide using reliable shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, DPD, EMS, and others. We offer both air and sea shipping, depending on the customer's preference. We also understand the importance of customs clearance and take this issue seriously. Therefore, we use the latest technology to ensure that our customers receive their orders without any problems.

Our company was initially established in 2010, and we used to have a website called kansotech.com. However, we decided to focus on wholesale clients and temporarily ceased trading online. We have now returned to the retail market and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service.

As a private limited company, we are registered in Doncaster, England, and our registration details can be verified on sites such as https://www.gov.uk/ and http://www.checkcompany.co.uk. Our registered office address is Dept 148 43 Owston Road, Carcroft, Doncaster, England, DN6 8DA, and our current status is Active. Our accounts are up to date, and our next accounts are due by September 30, 2024.

At KANGSHUO BIOTECH CO., LIMITED, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the best possible experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.


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mark / 05/05/2024
Hello. I ordered several substances. I asked for an additional discount so that they would count it as 25 grams. In the end, I bought 5 substances at prices of 25g. conclusion - an individual approach to clients at the highest level. I recommend!..
petro / 23/03/2024
received my goods. I additionally asked for two free samples, but only received one. a good product...
strong / 14/03/2024
Yesterday I received the steroids I ordered. The package did not pass customs! shipping within the country (USA). thank you I will order more...
  Saly / 16/02/2024
First of all, I was looking for a store where I can pay by credit card. I ordered two products, one Sarms and the other from the RC category. I paid by card, received a track, I expect delivery on the 22nd...
Urban / 05/02/2024
My package was seized by customs. They told me they would send it again!!! I'm waiting for the tracking number.....
Carlyto Bener / 30/01/2024
Hello my second order in this store. I placed an order and am waiting for the tracking number. I received my first order without any problems, they sent it with a CBD stone. I was very pleased!..
Charlotte A / 10/01/2024
I made an order on the website, received the details the next day, made payment to a Bitcoin wallet, received a tracking number after 3 days, received a package after 10 days, tried the product, was satisfied, ordered more. Everything is according to the textbook))). I recommend these guys for coope..
Jylia R / 07/01/2024
Hello, I placed an order for Aniracetam and Noopept. The track was given on December 19, I received the package on January 5. The shipment was from China, so the delivery time was normal. The quality of the product is decent, the product is not wet, well packaged. Delivery was free since this was m..
Vick / 05/01/2024
HORROR, HORROR, HORRORSSSS I never received my item before the holidays. and I still haven’t received it. This is terrible, the administration said that I would get it on time! I ordered on December 22. It's just some kind of cruelty!!!! They say wait a little longer. ..
anton / 04/01/2024
I'm leaving my review late! I picked up my package on the 31st. I was pleasantly surprised by the bonus that my friends liked, but I was pleased with what I ordered myself. There were times when these products saved our holiday from boredom. Now I'm your client. thanks for the bonus O-DSMT...
Gektor / 21/12/2023
hi, This is my first order here. Free shipping for your first order is great. They said the tracking number will be given in 1-2 days. I don’t have Bitcoin, so I paid with a bank card through an exchanger, the manager suggested it to me...
cost flesh / 18/12/2023
Yesterday they wrote to me and asked for a different address and name for delivery, I gave a new address. Today they gave me a new tracking number. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I'm already enjoying myself There is one minus, they resend only half of my order. But after I thought I had..
cost flesh / 16/12/2023
My package has already been detained at customs for 3 days, today I wrote to the manager for the second time, they told me to wait two more days. We're waiting two days.....
Ray / 14/12/2023
I ordered 100g of my favorite product 2-FMAaaaaa))), they offered 3 payment options: 1) Bitcoin, 2) through an exchanger for Bitcoin, 3) to a bank account. I paid with my credit card through an exchanger, just to protect myself and my data. I received the tracking number in 2 days. The package to..
Meaghan / 03/12/2023
Hello. I wanted to order 6-CL-ADBA, but the administrator dissuaded me and recommended 5BR-ADB-INACA. and said that they would send a 6-CL sample. I received the package and tried both products and indeed the 5BR was better. BUT!!!!! The most interesting thing is that if you try them together at on..
july / 26/11/2023
Hi. The order was shipped two days later by FedEx. I paid through the exchanger from my credit card to their Bitcoin wallet. I used it for the first time and it was very convenient...
Novah / 12/11/2023
fourth order and everything arrived without problems. True, I was recommended to periodically change the recipient, I did so after the second order...
Stella / 31/10/2023
hi I was very pleased with the 2-FMA from this store. everyone here!!!..
Candy / 06/10/2023
This is not the first time I order similar products on the Internet and I can say that this store is good at delivery. The product arrived packaged in another herbal extract product. The package went through customs without any problems. This is the first time such service has been provided...
alsy / 23/09/2023
I tried out 3F-a-PVP today. goodyyy, uhhhhh goodyyy))))) !!!!!)))..
simon M / 22/09/2023
I'm very pleased with how they ship their products. Hidden packaging guarantees delivery...
Dirk / 01/09/2023
Tadalafil in this store is of good quality. Sometimes there are problems with delivery times, but it's not their fault...
Andrew / 28/06/2023
I was sent Protonitazene. I was pleased with the packaging, it was hidden in a bag with herbal extract. Very reliable...
Lilu / 04/06/2023
This is the third time I have ordered CBD Crumble and Noopept here, everything arrived without any problems. the packaging is good. Noopept in stores is expensive if you look at the quantity per capsule. This is pure Noopept!..
entony / 21/05/2023
friends, I will tell you that I have never seen such a good and safe packaging, this is a very professional approach. Customs is no problem at all!..
Pituy / 01/05/2023
today is a happy day! I received my package, it was fast. the quality is good, the packaging is very good. Guys are great...
John / 12/04/2023
ordered CBD Crumble Dark very satisfied with the quality of the product. Delivery was fast by FedEx. Ordered more today...
Patricia / 28/03/2023
Hi, bought Biotin Vitamin. Everything is fine. I recommend to everyone...
Sharley / 12/03/2023
Hello, the quality of the product is very good, you can see that the extract is fresh, it smells strong. The only delivery took a long time, I asked to send DHL, but the seller sent FedEx...
Robert / 01/02/2023
Great store! I am new to RC, but everything was explained and advised to me. I am your customer forever!..