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mark / 05/05/2024
Hello. I ordered several substances. I asked for an additional discount so that they would count it as 25 grams. In the end, I bought 5 substances at prices of 25g. conclusion - an individual approach to clients at the highest level. I recommend!
petro / 23/03/2024
received my goods. I additionally asked for two free samples, but only received one. a good product.
strong / 14/03/2024
Yesterday I received the steroids I ordered. The package did not pass customs! shipping within the country (USA). thank you I will order more.
  Saly / 16/02/2024
First of all, I was looking for a store where I can pay by credit card. I ordered two products, one Sarms and the other from the RC category. I paid by card, received a track, I expect delivery on the 22nd.
Urban / 05/02/2024
My package was seized by customs. They told me they would send it again!!!
I'm waiting for the tracking number...
Carlyto Bener / 30/01/2024
Hello my second order in this store. I placed an order and am waiting for the tracking number. I received my first order without any problems, they sent it with a CBD stone. I was very pleased!
Charlotte A / 10/01/2024
I made an order on the website, received the details the next day, made payment to a Bitcoin wallet, received a tracking number after 3 days, received a package after 10 days, tried the product, was satisfied, ordered more. Everything is according to the textbook))). I recommend these guys for cooperation.
Jylia R / 07/01/2024
Hello, I placed an order for Aniracetam and Noopept. The track was given on December 19, I received the package on January 5. The shipment was from China, so the delivery time was normal. The quality of the product is decent, the product is not wet, well packaged.
Delivery was free since this was my first order. I am satisfied with everything.
Vick / 05/01/2024
I never received my item before the holidays. and I still haven’t received it. This is terrible, the administration said that I would get it on time! I ordered on December 22. It's just some kind of cruelty!!!! They say wait a little longer.
anton / 04/01/2024
I'm leaving my review late!
I picked up my package on the 31st. I was pleasantly surprised by the bonus that my friends liked, but I was pleased with what I ordered myself. There were times when these products saved our holiday from boredom. Now I'm your client. thanks for the bonus O-DSMT.
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